Length of Yellow Traffic Light Standards is to short

Posted by jeff photoenforced.com on 11/11/2015

Should We Have Standards For Short Yellow Lights?

City, State &Federal legislation regulating traffic light yellow light times is mostly non-existent. However, studies have shown that an increase of 0.5 to 1.5 seconds in yellow-light duration will decrease the frequency of red-light running by at least 50 percent. Three seconds should be the absolute minimum time for any intersection. Here are the standards recommended.  See the details at Standard Yellow Lights from the National Motorist Association Foundation
25 MPH -- 3.0 Seconds
30 MPH -- 3.5 Seconds
35 MPH -- 4.0 Seconds
40 MPH -- 4.5 Seconds
45 MPH -- 5.0 Seconds
50 MPH -- 5.5 Seconds
55 MPH -- 6.0 Seconds

Photo blocker Spray Does Not Work

Posted by rocco on 1/11/2015
Photo blocker Spray Does Not Work
PhotoBlocker is a clear spray that claims to make the plate so reflective that it blinds the camera with the amplified light reflected from the strobe flash. That sounded simple enough and, following the directions, we applied four coats, allowing each to dry for an hour.

Flip Down Plate Not All The Same

Posted by rocco on 1/7/2015