Super Photo Radar Protector And Laser Camera Blocker
Super Photo Radar Protector

Super Photo Radar Protector And Laser Camera Blocker

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Super Protector

The Super protector is the best cover you can get in the market designed to defeat photo radar & Laser cameras from side and above angles. If you are serious about buying a good cover then look no further from this beast

  • Proven defense against all Photo-Radar and Photo-Laser!
  • Protect your privacy! Avoid a costly ticket!
  • Ultra-thin! Fits all license plate frames! Installs in minutes!
  • Will not yellow! Guaranteed shatterproof!
  • The all-in-one solution! Protects you from Regular, Overhead, and High angle cameras!
  • Sizes for all countries available! Get one now!

The Super Protector is manufactured in 200 motorcycle sizes. We have the exact size to fit any motorcycle in the world. just call us!!

How do photo-radar & photo-laser work?
Special camera and computer technology combine to photograph your vehicle as you drive by, and record your speed. A ticket is then issued and mailed to you. Radar and laser detectors are ineffective due to the narrow beam width and angle across the road. Even if you do detect the beam, its too late. You're caught!

How does the "Super PROTECTOR" work? 

Photo-radar and photo-laser operate at known angles to the direction of traffic flow. Using a passive, state-of-the-art light-bending lens, the camera is unable to see the plate numbers, and identify your vehicle. The license plate is still completely readable from straight on. Note: Buyer assumes all responsibility for using this product in compliance with local motor vehicle codes.

5 Stars
i don't care if i get a ticket for the cover...i will never drive without one
I bought this product about 2 years ago, because I have to drive into Wash. DC regularly. DC has become obsessed with radar cameras, they are everywhere. Anyway I put the Protector on my car and actually forgot that I had it on. Until one day I went past one of those revenue making speed cameras and got that flash in my rear view mirror. I thought I would be receiving a ticket in the mail, I never did. I was on my way to Philadelphia one day and passed through Delaware and got the same flash in the rear view mirror. Never got a ticket. It's been over a year now and no tickets.
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Reviewed by:  from Wash. DC. on 3/4/2013
5 Stars
A Must Have Product
I have been in law enforcement for 40 years and I am sick to my stomach about what’s going on in our country! I purchased the Universal Super Protector several weeks ago to protect myself and my family from illegal and unfair traffic enforcement. Our citizens are at the mercy of corrupt, elected and appointed public officials, law enforcement, and corporations. Law Enforcement use to be about protection and service to the community, however today it is, “ALL ABOUT MONEY”.I have told all of my friends...and strongly recommend they take advantage of the products offered before some corrupt politician decides to pass another law and ban beat the light products.
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Reviewed by:  from Long Island, NY. on 2/28/2013
4 Stars
Will get you stopped!!!
Had it on my car for 2 days and was pulled over & told to remove it or get a ticket...... Want want a refund!!!!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from louisiana. on 10/26/2013
5 Stars
Super Photo
I bought a license plate frame as recommended. Clarity from directly behind is great. Half of plate blurs from the side and top. I'm hoping she works.
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Reviewed by:  from PA. on 10/9/2013
3 Stars
Doesn't Work
We recently got a Red Light Camera Ticket in the Mail and I viewed the image and the License Plate is clear as Day. Does not work at all against Red Light Cameras! Don't Waste your Money! From BeatTheLight DOES NOT WORK ON ALL VIDEO RED LIGHT CAMERAS.... ONLY 80% OF THE TIME
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Reviewed by:  from Florida. on 8/1/2013
3 Stars
Effective, but Noticable
This item does exactly as advertised. The problem is it will draw too much attention from law enforcement. You might be able to get away with using this product in other states, but not in Texas. Hopefully I'll see an improved version of this product in the future.
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Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 6/10/2013
5 Stars
protect your identity
Quality of item was excellent, very thick, great packaging, works as described, had eon all three vehicles, put an extra lock nut just in case of thieves. Product is 5 stars Shipping was a little slow give this a 1or 2.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from USA . on 10/22/2014
5 Stars
My road trip this Friday 05/31/13 Will definitely be a good test for these plates
I've had these plate covers for about 4 weeks and I have not been pulled over by a cop for "Obstructing View of License Plate" which is a fancy one they happen to like to do to people where I live. This Friday the 31st I'll be driving from long island to manhattan and will pass at least 10-15 cops on the way there so I'll comment back on my review for the Plate Covers after my mini road trip this Friday.
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Reviewed by:  from Long Island, Western Nassau - Manhattan. on 5/30/2013
5 Stars
I bought this BEAT THE LIGHT product after getting a photo-speeding ticket in Cedar Rapids, IA. Have not gotten any more of those civil revenue-generating tickets. However, I was pulled over in Iowa by a State Trooper who said not a word about my Beat The Light plate cover! Now I want to put something on my front plate to prevent a red light camera that would shoot photos of the front of my car.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Iowa. on 9/30/2013
5 Stars
How can you drive without it?
I bought one as a xmas gift and i wanted to wait before writing a review. The reason i waited a few months is because i wanted to test the effectiveness of this license plate cover. Now i can say that it is what i was looking for... next to the radar detector. As every driver says it's not about being a criminal, it's just about avoid paying the hard earned money in stupid, useless and most of the times ILLEGAL tickets. It's too easy doing it with a camera, then why not making it easy the same way with such a cheap purchase? I will advise this item to all my friends with no hesitation. Thanks a lot, you guys saved me a lot of troubles.
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Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 4/20/2013

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